Friday, September 24, 2010

It's Halloween!!

Ok, I know I'm the absolute worst about posting here. It's the same with calling my friends and family. If I can text or email I'm all over it, but calling? Not so much. Blogging? It seems somehow that blogging has fallen in with the phone calls. I'd say sorry, but up to now, my hubby has been my only reader, and that's because he's married to me. 8^)

It's been a Halloween stuff-making extravaganza here lately. At least as much as something can be in my house. I'm great in the idea department, but the actual implementation of said ideas is maybe a bit trickier and requires the labor of my kids and hubby. Currently I'm working on a decent amigurumi crow, although shaping of current attempt looks more like a black Loch Ness monster. I'm hoping that jamming a few feathers in its behind and sewing on some beads will fix the issue.

I've been trying to paint my little handshaped polyclay skulls for my skull mobile. Will be working on that next week I suspect. It worked out great last week when I took it all in and sat there and painted while my little one was in his preschool class. Yes, I am enough of a nerd that I sat there in the lobby, at the little table and set up my little painting station. But it worked!!

Last weekend my awesome hubby and I finally got some good pictures of my scarves, so time and energy willing I'll get pictures of those up on here for your viewing pleasure later today. But since I have a friend coming over for some paper-fun while watching Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, I may not get to it today.