Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Quick like a cat

So here's the story; there was this baby squirrel running around at Kaiden's school, like a totally-looks-like-a-wee-cute-baby squirrel. I just barely stopped the car in front of me from crunching it--it was right under her tire just sitting there, and I knew it, and couldn't just witness THAT so... She was rolling forward, it was mostly done but I'm all waving my arms and yelling for her to stop. Which she just barely did, but managed it with the speed and instinct of any super hero mom picking up kindergarteners. Slam on the brakes when the crazy, slipper shod woman is waving her iphone in your window. I was talking to my grandmother who was busy telling me how squirrels are nothing but rats and should all be poisoned along with all cats because she hates them both. Except for maybe dogs, she says dogs are ok. So I saved a squirrel in full view of her ear which blares silent disapproval like only my grandmother can. She's had a lot of practice.

So the lady behind me says it's a baby (as I'm trying to scare it away from the cars so no one ran it over) and that it will die bc it's still nursing. She goes to find a box, and I was able to coax it out from under her car and being the opportunistic dumbass that I am, I grab it and catch it with my bare hand. So of course it bit me, and I lost the little bastard anyway but then we caught it again and she's taking it to her uncle who does a squirrel rescue thing. Like I guess if we didn't catch it, it would have died anyway.

The moral of the story? I caught a baby squirrel with my bre hands. BAM!!