Thursday, September 24, 2009

Good morning to all. I'm such a lame writer. The whole reason I even set this up in the first place was just to show off some crochet hooks I crafted for arthritic hands.

So, what have you all been doing? I know there's only like one of you reading this, so you have to answer or I'll know. I've been up to no good, as usual. It's become fall overnight in my area, so I've been canning and just buying way to much produce lately. But have been ripping out the scarves and hats too, I'm determined to have a fully stocked inventory and pantry. It's hard to crochet AND make blueberry jam at the same time, they really don't work well together. I'm just kidding, I promise, I didn't simultaneously crochet AND make blueberry jam. Just for those of you who get this as a christmas present.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The construction begins

I know, I'm all over the map, project wise. I often say I have adult onset ADD or something. I've had this dress form idea in my head because I'm determined to learn how to make my own clothes. I'm sick, sick, sick to death of buying crapy clothes! I'd like to have something that is flattering, makes me feel pretty and doesn't fall to hell the first time I wash it!

So, although I will probably get back to it later; the stockings will be set aside until another day and I'm going to watch Catch 22 and stuff newspaper into the work in progress. I'd show you the 'during construction' shots but I'm just embarrassed. It looks like a flat, duct tape coated t-shirt currently, I'm hoping to have it stuffed and mounted today. Wish me luck!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I just created a lovely project for myself. I've somehow decided to make christmas stockings and so pulled out all my brocade and black velvet and silver and luscious fabric from which I'll make stockings for christmas. Also found this giant piece of skull fabric with red glitter eyes that Jennifer gave me forever ago, and decided to make black velvet/skull table runners and other assorted things for Halloween. Hey, and I found the tinker bell fabric that Jennifer gave me and then the fabulous faux velvet shiny stuff Amy gave me and all the gears are cogging. Isn't it great how inspiration can hit like that? I was totally uninspired yesterday.

So when I say "all my brocade" there isn't really a huge amount. So this shouldn't be too huge of a project, right? Here's the first couple pics of my 'stash'. I'll get back to you later with progress! Now, off to see if I can actually get anything into a cohesive mix. And figure out how to get the pictures from the disk to the post. Mmmmm, Fun stuff. Should I have coffee before, after or during? Sorry about the pics, they're in weird places. I'm still trying to figure this whole thing out.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just rip it

You have to be fast, when taking out a projects. It's like ripping off a bandaid. I'm unfortunately pretty good at taking out days worth of work these days! Yesterday pulled out a shawl type thing I was making, purely my own idea, but adapted from a scarf pattern, it was just way too big. Then, 'sniff' this morning I had to pull out a sweater I was attempting because it was just too big. I guess it's good they're too big, but still. But I'm starting the sweater again in a few.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

First time Hooker, long time crocheter

Ok, so it's not really my first time as a crocheter. But it IS my first time blogging about it. I'm inspired to start as I've recently become a Doris Chan fan, having just heard of her on a crochet show I watch here and there.

Anyway I wanted to put up some pictures of some hooks I have done up with polymer clay. I did these forever ago, but was inspired to send a pic up for Doris to see after reading her recent blog post about Etimo hooks. I buy the clay canes from artists online and then use slices to do up Boye hooks mainly, but I've gotten other hooks from yard sales that weren't Boye. I do this mainly for myself; I have FMS and developing arthritis in my hands and it just gets challenging to hold the little hooks. Anyway, I'd be happy to share my tips for making these hooks yourself, I know the picture isn't great but that is also the main reason I've never ended up putting any of my stuff online. But I've recently come to the realization that everyone has the same problem, so I'm just going to hold my breath and jump in!