Friday, January 27, 2012

The elephant in the room

I have some ivory beads a friend gave me some time ago.  If anyone knows me well, you know that I am lucky enough to have many people just donate crafty items to me.  So I know this is how I got them, but don't know exactly who gave them to me.  So if you are reading this now, please don't think I don't appreciate the things you give me.  If I can't use them, I send them on to their next home.

Anyway, I've had them for years now, and have tried and failed to use them many times.

I've never felt right about them.  Call it weird energy.  Not super duper bad energy, just troubled and spinny and not positive.  I've never wanted to just throw them away, or give them away either, but I want to move them out of my house.

Ivory in general doesn't work with my energy.  In fact, I think it at best distasteful unless it's harvested honestly and we all know that's just not the case, and there's no way to figure that out anyway so....

Good, clean, energy is what I'm bringing into my home, call these beads a dust bunny.  A really big one though, that's been sitting innocuously under the bed gaining sentience and growing teeth.  It needs to go.

Now to the point.

If they are ivory, I feel like I need to dispose of them respectfully, and am interested to see what my lovely friends of fabulously varied backgrounds have to say on the matter.

How would you do it?

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  1. Amy - the only thing I can think of is to offer them to the Goddess and return them to nature.

    I try to take the scraps of any natural material I use in my crafting outside and eave them in an area I have set aside to use as my "return to nature" spot.

    Love and Light,
    (Lorelei Gumbiner)