Thursday, July 16, 2009

I just created a lovely project for myself. I've somehow decided to make christmas stockings and so pulled out all my brocade and black velvet and silver and luscious fabric from which I'll make stockings for christmas. Also found this giant piece of skull fabric with red glitter eyes that Jennifer gave me forever ago, and decided to make black velvet/skull table runners and other assorted things for Halloween. Hey, and I found the tinker bell fabric that Jennifer gave me and then the fabulous faux velvet shiny stuff Amy gave me and all the gears are cogging. Isn't it great how inspiration can hit like that? I was totally uninspired yesterday.

So when I say "all my brocade" there isn't really a huge amount. So this shouldn't be too huge of a project, right? Here's the first couple pics of my 'stash'. I'll get back to you later with progress! Now, off to see if I can actually get anything into a cohesive mix. And figure out how to get the pictures from the disk to the post. Mmmmm, Fun stuff. Should I have coffee before, after or during? Sorry about the pics, they're in weird places. I'm still trying to figure this whole thing out.

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