Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crochet and Christmas

Last night was my first T.W.A.S. event at Sleighbells Gift Shop. It was an epic success, despite the leaf stripping winter hurricane that blew in, creating high water and many mud puddles.

For any of you who haven't yet been to Sleighbells ( ) it's over 10,000 square feet of awesome Christmas-ness. AND for those Halloween fanatics out there (you know who you are) there's even a permanent Halloween display, and not cheesy stuff either, cool stuff and little Halloween villages and etc.

So Mama got herself a new coffee mug. Because come on, who wouldn't want to drink coffee from this cup?

I have many scarf orders to fill, and a slew of new scarves and hats to make, so any of you ladies who want to join my sweatshop, now's the time. I'm going to be a super hooker for a while. My depleted scarf box is begging to be refilled. Yay for selling hand made stuff and meeting a crowd of lovely ladies!

All in all, it was a great evening, even if power was spotty and hip waders were required to go in and out of doors which slammed closed with ferocity every time they were left open. Can't wait till next month!

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